Saturday, July 29, 2006

Noam Chomsky

.....ummm, okay so i guess i dont have the credibility of a noam chomsky. Sure i dont have his credicials as a Institute Professor Emeritus of linguistics at the M.I.T.
well then dont listen to me listen to him!!! here is a great link to many audio and videos of his well researched opinions on what the heck is going wrong with this world. click HERE!!


Blogger p.maestro said...

i agree, noam chomsky knows his pickles.
i especially love how he's extremely boring. seriously. i think it lends him credibility. the more i see america turn politics into crap like "voting is cool!" and "bush is so dumb!" and "hilary vs obama, OMFG so awesome!", the more it becomes a smokescreen. it's simple diversion tactics. but what do i know, i think democracy is a joke. someone who conscientously does his research on topics and debates and studies the candidates can have his vote cancelled by his neighbour who doesn't trust the candidates smile. "he looks dumb." meh... maybe it's the ayn rand in me talking.

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