Thursday, August 17, 2006

Will you be a chip hidding chimp!!!

911 is about to happen AGAIN!!

Here is your warning!! watch the vidoe on this link and then brace yourself!

here is my guess and i stress it just a guess:
1. sears towers is going to be hit because Silverstein bought it right after all the buildings he owned came down on 911 (the two world trade towers and building 7)
2. canada will also be hit but i have no idea where. i suspect canada because of our "big arrest" in toronto. most likely a major city!
3. i suspect england will be hit as are also very closely allied with the usa. note they to had a big "24 person arrest" recently.
4. the alfred p. murrah building will also be hit, as there was a failed attempt to blow it in 1985. just to clean up the dirty trail they have left!!
5. washington will be hit too!! not sure but i suspect the white house will be hit 6. america will do it before there elections on nov 7 and call martial law which will suspend there elections ending the last hope for any sort of impeachment by the democrats.

i hope i look like a monkeys uncles and none of my predictions become reality!!