Friday, January 26, 2007

It's easier to find the lies than the truth!!

Look I don't care if you think my politics are different than yours. I actually celebrate our differences. no matter were you are getting your information from you have to realize that everyone has a interest in chaniging you position or thoughts for there own reason. what you need to do is find out what there true motivations are for this before you begin to accept there ideas as truth. So the fact remains that if you are only getting your ideas of what is happening in this world from the tv you have to admit you are being pushed and pulled by corporate interest. If you don't believe this stop reading here as i cant help you anymore.
if not, you need to ask yourself, has a single corporation ever seen you as a person or as a dollar bill. my guess the dollar is the bottom line for them and they are shy about sharing there belief in that ideal. What I am asking you to research the truth from a few different angles before you make up your mind. If you tell me you dont have time to get informed then i feel sorry for you as you are now being pull around at theere very whim and the day they tell you "we are going to iran beacuse they have nuclear weapons" you will be the first to fall in line.
here are some places to look for differing ideas ie. look on the internet but don't believe everything you see and read try to verify on legitinate websites ".gov" . what do i mean about this wel for instant i ran into a webiste that spoke about how the usa plans to control th weather i laughed only to find the actually bill introduced in congress in 2005 on the offical govenrment website. that is indisputable evidence. Another example is, if your politics are democratic watch republican brocast and add it all up and you will see the truth that is stringing all there ideas together. there is so much spin on both side of the issue that finding the truth is becoming next to impossible, but finding the lies is becoming absolutely easier than ever. At a real close inpsection you will notice that there is no differenced between republicans and democrats they both have been saying the same thing for ever and a day you need only ask what are the differences only to find there similarities. Is cliton any better than bush? hell no cliton went and bombed the hell out of bosnia!!! why the hell was america involved in bosnia!!! did america benifit from this? was there really a genocide in bosnia?? research it you wil be surpirsed at how badly it was spun on us.
Politics is just the thearter of distraction and lies for the masses!! research the word "government". It's latin origins are "govern" which means control and "ment" which translate to mentalitly or mind. In essence the word means mind control. Everything is hidden in plain view..... and speaking of hidden in plain view here is the truth as you have never seen it before about Waco texas and the branch davidians. you may want to cry after watching this so get some tissue:


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